**A writing coach helps you achieve your writing goals by working with you one-on-one, providing manuscript critiques and evaluations, whether you want to write fiction, nonfiction, plays, or your life story.

**A writing coach gives creative support in overcoming writer's block and achieving publishing success. Although a coach is a teacher, the relationship is more personal, and it often lasts for a longer period of time.

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Next time you're in a really big bookstore, one that serves cappuccino and has escalators, remember that someone wrote and was paid for every book and for every article in every magazine.

Each of these published authors was once a beginner, hadn't yet been published, didn't know anybody in the business — but is now a successful writer selling his or her work. What have these writers done that you haven't?

You can join the growing number of writers, and even successful writers, who are working with coaches, teachers, consultants, and freelance editors to help them write better, revise more effectively, and sell their work. If you go it alone, you compete with writers who are getting top quality professional help.

Can you do it alone? Yes, of course you can. But it's likely to be much more difficult and take a lot longer.

Perhaps your goal has nothing to do with getting published. Maybe you simply want to be more creative and enjoy writing more, but you're having trouble getting started. Or you want to create a memoir or a family history but feel overwhelmed by the task. Working with a writing coach can make your writing easier and more fun.

In the next few minutes you'll make an important decision about how much you want to achieve one of your most important goals.

Writing can be a lonely activity, and how-to books and articles can only help so much. You could sign on with a big online writing school and hope to be assigned to a good teacher, or you could find a writing class at a local college and perhaps have your writing exposed to people who have different goals, as well as different levels of skill and commitment.

Or you could form a relationship with your own personal writing coach who will take the time and trouble to understand and care about your needs and your goals, someone who will work with you in a personal, creative, and supportive way.

If we work together, it will be you and me, one-on-one, focusing 100 percent on your special writing goals and celebrating your individuality.

To help you make this important decision, I invite you read about me, what to expect, how to get started, frequently-asked questions, student comments, my writing, workshops in Mexico, Free Newsletter, and my rates. And while you're visiting my website, check out writing tips that can improve your writing and your chances of getting published, and resources that will provide links to more information about writing and publishing.

"If you don't know where you are going, all roads lead there." | Roman proverb